Sporty Shorty
Sporty Shorty

Real Name

Eunice Shimmer



Hair Color



Sporty Shorty


Sports,Brakedancing and Hip-Hop

Voiced by

Stephanie Lemelin

Eunice "Sporty Shorty" Shimmer is an energetic,enthusiastic and athletic fourteen-year-old red-head, who enjoys brakedancing, basketball and hip-hop. She enjoys all sorts of physical activities, and she gets determined to win at any event. She, along with Pretty Tall, once helped Twinkle Toes and two off their new friends from the broadway theater in New York Poppy and Olivia get over her crippling stage fright to enter the prestigious Performing Arts Academy.Sporty Shorty is unrelated to the cartoon, Zevo-3. (Although, she could be among the many nameless students of the High School.)appearance

Gallery Edit

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